UNIX and Solaris consulting

The SurecITy consulting team has a combined experience of more than 40 years in the world of UNIX. Starting with SYS V systems on AT&T servers running on 386 processors to todays multi-core, multi-threaded and highly virtualised servers running different UNIX flavours. Our core competency covers all versions of Solaris on Intel and SPARC CPUs as well as different Linux distributions, predominantly RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu.

How To Avoid Prosecution for Software Piracy

What is software piracy anyway?

Any commercial software package that requires some sort of licensing fee is considered pirated software if the company or individual using it is not paying all initial and recurring licensing fees.

In Australia, 25% of all software has not been properly licensed and there are entities out there that actually pay your employees (or people you sacked last month) a handsome amount if they dob you in for using unregistered software. Some sources mention up to $20.000 in awards for the person making a simple phone call.

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